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How to apply press on nails with adhesive tabs?

File nails

Step 1

Wash and clean your hands. Use a file to lightly remove the shine from your natural nail. Round off any nail growth.

Push cuticles with wooden stick

Step 2

Gently use the wooden stick to push back your cuticle to free all possible space on your nail bed.


Step 3

Use your buffer to lightly buff over your natural nails.

clean nails with alcohol pad

Step 4

Wipe each nail with alcohol pad, then let it dry.

pick the right size for adhesive tabs

Step 5

Select the appropriately sized adhesive tab for the nail.

peel off adhesive tabs plastic top

Step 6

Place it on the nail. Push the sticker outwards from the center towards the each edge of nail bed for the most coverage. Peel the plastic top off.

apply press on nails

Step 7

Set the press on nail to your nail bed, making sure it is straight! Place the press on nail all the way flat. Apply pressure to it for 30 seconds. And then you are good to go! Avoid contact with water for at least 2 hours after the application. It can last from 3 days to 1 week.

How to remove press on nails with adhesive tabs?

remove press on nails with wooden stick

Step 1

Slide the wooden stick from the edge of nails and gently push in to remove them.

clean tab residue on press on nails

Step 2

Clean any of the little tab residue on nails and fingers.

reuse press on nails

Step 3

To reuse the nails, ensure you are being gentle in the removal process.

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