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How To Make Press On Nails Harder

How To Make Press On Nails Harder?

Press-on nails have gained significant popularity due to their convenience, affordability, and the variety of designs available. However, one common concern among users is their fragility. This article provides a detailed guide on how to make press on nails harder and increase their longevity.

1. Introduction to Press-On Nails

Press-on nails, also known as false nails, offer an excellent solution for individuals who struggle with maintaining natural nails or who simply want to change up their look frequently. They come in a range of stylish designs and colors, making them a popular choice for nail enthusiasts. However, due to their plastic composition, they can be quite fragile and prone to breakage. This guide will provide useful tips and tricks on how to make press-on nails harder and more durable.

2. Pre-Application Steps

Before diving into the application of press-on nails, it’s crucial to prepare your natural nails properly. This helps to enhance the durability of the false nails and ensure they last as long as possible.

2.1. Cleaning the Nail Beds

Start by cleaning your nail beds thoroughly. This entails removing any nail polish residue and oils from your natural nails. Use an acetone nail polish remover for this process. Be careful not to overuse the acetone remover as it can potentially damage the press-on nails. If you’re concerned about the possible effects of acetone, opt for a non-acetone nail polish remover instead.

2.2. Buffing the Nails

Buffing is a crucial step in preparing your nails for press-ons. By creating a slightly rough surface on your natural nails, you provide a better base for the adhesive or glue to stick to. This helps to prevent air pockets that can cause the false nails to pop off prematurely. Use a glass nail file or a sanding block to lightly buff your nails.

3. Application Process

The application process plays a significant role in determining how long your press-on nails will last. Here are some steps to follow for a sturdy application.

3.1. Double Gluing

Double gluing is a technique that involves applying glue to both your natural nail and the press-on nail. This method enhances the bonding between the two, making the false nail more secure and less likely to pop off. Apply a thin layer of nail glue to your natural nail, covering it completely. Then add a drop of nail glue to the inside base of the press-on nail.

3.2. Using High-Quality Adhesive

The quality of the adhesive or nail glue used plays a significant role in the longevity of press-on nails. Opt for a high-quality nail glue that dries quickly and provides strong adhesion. This will help your false nails stay put for up to two weeks.

4. Strengthening Press-On Nails

To enhance the hardness and durability of your press-on nails, consider using a strengthening base coat and a top coat of clear nail polish.

4.1. Using Strengthening Base Coat

Begin by applying a layer of strengthening base coat on each of the nails. This additional layer not only makes the nails thicker but also stronger. It helps prevent your brittle press-on nails from breaking.

4.2. Applying Clear Nail Polish

After the base coat has dried, apply a layer of clear nail polish. This helps the nails become more thick and hard, further reducing the chances of breaking or splitting the press-ons.

5. Using Builder Gel

Another effective way to make press-on nails harder is by using a brush-on builder gel. Builder gel was initially designed for extending a nail tip using nail forms on your natural nail. It’s lighter than acrylic and won’t alter the size of your press-on nail.

5.1. How To Use Builder Gel

Using builder gel is a straightforward process. After your normal nail preparation and applying your preferred nail polish color, apply one or two coats of builder gel, curing in between. The number of coats needed will depend on the quality of the builder gel and the fragility of the press-on nails. After curing, apply a top coat to seal in the builder gel and enhance the shine of your nails.

6. Post-Application Care

Once the press-on nails are applied, it’s essential to take care of them to increase their lifespan. Avoid submerging your nails in water for at least 24 hours after application, as this could weaken them and break down the glue bonds.

7. Reusing Press-On Nails

One of the benefits of press-on nails is that they can be reused. When you’re ready to remove your nails, soak them in warm water. This method minimizes damage to your natural nails and allows you to reuse the press-ons, thus extending the overall life of your press-on nail set.

8. Conclusion

Press-on nails offer an easy and quick way to achieve a salon-like manicure at home. However, their fragility can be a setback. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can make your press-on nails harder and increase their lifespan. Whether you’re preparing your nails for an important event or just want to switch up your everyday look, these tips will help you get the most out of your press-on nails.

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